Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree

Last week, Princess and Juicy Boy were finishing up their lunch of hot dogs and applesauce. This lunch, although not appealing to me (I do not like hot dogs. Never have. Never will...and I really don't care for applesauce), was what Princess asked for and Juicy Boy likes. Juicy Boy was enjoying his meal and so was Princess. That is until she heard her show come on television.

The theme song started and she immediately tells me that she's not hungry. Princess is not a big eater, but I do require her to eat three meals a day. So, I told her that she could watch her show after she ate her lunch. She gave me the defeated look and stared at her food. I told her the faster she got through her meal the faster she would be able to watch her show.

I turned my attention back to washing the dishes and Princess jumped up and told me she had to go to the bathroom. I told her to hurry up and go. Well, I wasn't paying attention when I told her to go to the bathroom, but I did glance up as she was running to the bathroom and started laughing to myself. Princess was running to the bathroom with a fist full of hot dog nuggets.

I couldn't believe that she was attempting to run a game on me! She wasn't running just any game on me, but the game that I perfected with vegetables when I was her age. Here are the rules: When you have food on your plate that you don't want to eat, you ask to be excused to the bathroom and then shove veggies in your mouth and immediately spit them in the toilet (my version) or put them in your fist and throw them in the toilet (her version).

My dear Princess thought she had it made, but I stopped her. I told her to show me her hands. She did and this big smile appeared on both of our faces. I didn't tell her that I used to do the same thing with my vegetables, but I told her that she had to eat some of those hot dogs and that I would tape her show so she wouldn't miss any of it.

She ate all of her hot dog nuggets and watched her show while I continued to have a good laugh. Princess doesn't know, but I was so good at playing the game that my parents only knew that I flushed my vegetables down the toilet because I told them once I became an adult:)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kindergartener's Can Do It

On Tuesday, September 2, 2008 my big girl started kindergarten at my school! Princess was sooo excited to get school supplies, select her own backpack and lunch bag for the first time. She woke up the ready to go to school on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Each day we had to tell Princess that she had to wait until Tuesday to go to school. She couldn't wait!

Tuesday morning arrived and she woke up with bright eyes. She ate breakfast while I played one of her favorite songs, "Everybody Rejoice" from The Wiz. Then we played "Superstar" by Lupe Fiasco (another favorite of hers) to remind her that she is a star (shining bright to see what she can truly be - you know I have to get my EW&F in). We got dressed and headed to school.
She grinned from the time we hit the door until we got home. She was excited to see her new teacher. She was excited to see that she knew people in her class already. She was excited to know a lot of the teachers in the building already (one of her Godmothers teaches there also). She was excited to be in Mommy's big school because she was a big girl. She was just happy! She reminded me that "kindergarteners can do it!"

I was happy too. Since I work at her school, I popped my head in a couple of times to check on her. She was so into what was going on that she didn't even see me. Princess is fortunate to have a loving and talented teacher who will challenge her academically in a warm and nurturing environment. I stopped by to spend some time with Princess at lunch time. She was eating her lunch and enjoying her new friends and school. She grinned, gave me a big hug, and told me that she was having so much fun! Just what a mommy wants to hear on the first day of school.

At dismissal she came to me with a big hug and bright eyes. Princess and all of the other students who have parents that work at the school were treated to ice cream sandwiches. One of teachers (a good friend and member of Team MBS) treated the students to welcome the new members of our school family.

It was a good day!

Shave and a Haircut

I started back to school two weeks ago. The relaxing, hazy days of summer were over and I was getting into the swing of things at work. I came home happy to see my family and eager to spend quality time with them. On Thursday, while playing with Juicy Boy after work, I noticed that something wasn't quite right with his hair. I looked and rubbed and looked and rubbed. I told Bear that Juicy Boy's hair looked like he had a plug missing. He assured me that he didn't touch Juicy Boy's hair since his last haircut the week before.

I kept looking and then turned to Princess to ask if she knew anything about Juicy Boy's new hairstyle. She didn't say anything. Bear asked her if she cut some of Juicy Boy's haircut. She hid her face in his shirt. The truth sssssssssssssslllllllllloooooooooooowwwwwwlllllllllllllyyyyyyy came out. She was cutting her dolls hair and decided to cut a piece of his! I went in her room and found the curls on the floor.

We talked with her and explained how Juicy Boy could have gotten hurt if he had moved while she was cutting his hair. She cried and apologized and we went about our evening.

I went to work the next day and hung out with Team MBS after work. When I came home and opened the door, Bear told me to close my eyes. I said okay and listened to him tell me that I was hot or cold in order to reach him. I like games and Bear likes surprising me just because, so I was trying to figure out what I would see when I opened my eyes. I was wondering if it was a new top, some cute shoes, a pair of running socks. It could be anything.

Well, when I opened my eyes I couldn't believe it...a little brown Calliou was staring at me. Bear had shaved off all of Juicy Boys hair to even out the plug his loving sister "styled" into his hair. I wanted to cry! Juicy Boy just sat there with his big bright eyes and laughed. Bear said he almost gave Juicy Boy a fro-hawk, but the plug was in the wrong place. Lord help us!

Juicy Boy's hair is growing back...thank God! There are too many stylists in the house:)

Up in the Air Jr. Birdsman...

Juicy Boy's newest "thing" is his excitement about planes. Whenever he hears a plane he looks up to see where it is. Then he squeals with delight, "ooooh! wow! plane!!" We love to see his enthusiasm.

Bear thought it would be a good idea to for us to hang out on the Potomac River near National Airport and watch the planes land. So, off we went...

Juicy Boy loved it...and so did Princess. This was one of those family outings that everyone enjoyed. Check out the slideshow from the day.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Just dynamic...

What an inspiration..."my piece of the American dream is a blessing hard won by those who came before me!"

Our ancestors must have had a party up in heaven last night. I'm so proud!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Apple of My Eye

I began this week by taking a road trip to Kent, Ohio. I took my Goddaughter, Apple, to Kent State University (go Flashes) with her mom. We drove up and down the mountains of PA and OH for 5 hours and 45 minutes on a bright, sunny day with little humidity. We had a move in team of six. We laughed, reminisced, carried boxes and containers of clothes, clothes, and more clothes:) We arranged and rearranged her room to ensure that everything fit and had a place. We visited Walmart at least twice a day to get her everything she needed and wanted (I am on Walmart overload. I was glad that the Walmart Super Center had been recently remodeled and looked like the stores on the commercials, not like the realities of Walmart stores I've visited in VA, MD, and DE). We made sure she had everything she needed and then...we left. Everyone thought I was going to cry, but I didn't. I wasn't sad about leaving her. I was excited for her to begin the next leg of life journey.

Kent State University is very large. I went to University of Maryland and people think that campus is big. It's not at all compared to Kent State. Apple is in a "traditional" dorm room with another roommate. The coolest thing is that they have private "rooms" in the larger hall bathroom. The shower, toilet, sink, mirror, bench, and full length mirror are in one "stall" with a door that locks! They are also very big on security. You have to slide your key card to get in everywhere. We even heard the weekly emergency alert system testing while we were there. I'm sure something like that has been in place since the four students were killed and nine students were wounded by the Ohio National Guard during a Vietnam protest held there in 1970. I know a lot of parents felt at ease when they left the children there. Apple's met some nice girls and I think she'll have a great experience.

I was tired after dropping off Apple. We were constantly doing something to make her transition a good one. We must have been running on pure adrenaline. Now, can someone tell me where I'm going to get the energy to take Princess and Juicy Boy to college and set them up the way we did Apple and the way my mother and father did my brother and me? I'm going to be old and tired by then!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

He Lives in You...

Yesterday Princess, my mom and I had a wonderful day. We traveled to New York by train for the pre-birthday celebration for Princess. Princess is turning five on Sunday. My parents treated her (us) to Lion King on Broadway. What an awesome performance visually, musically, and lyrically! I was moved to tears during the opening "Circle of Life" and "He Lives in You (Reprise)." Take a look at and listen to the clip of "He Lives in You" that was recently performed on The View:

Lion King is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and has been performed for over 43 million people around the world. I am privileged to say that I am one of those people. The universal message that audiences worldwide have heard is one that I will always remember:
He lives in you.
He lives in me.
He watches over everything you see.
Into the water.
Into the truth.
In your reflection.
He lives in you!

We were singing "He Lives in You" as we walked to the playground with Juicy Boy today. Princess said that she really liked that song and asked me if I did too. I told her that was one of my favorite songs from the play. She smiled and began to swing. While swinging she said, "Mommy, you know that song is about God." How my heart beamed, my soul rejoiced, and I thanked God.

What a wonderful gift for a five year old...to travel to NY, see Lion King on Broadway, eat at Mars2112 (space inspired restaurant), to see fireworks at the end of the night...and to understand the prevailing message of the musical. What a wonderful gift for her mother too. My mother said our experience reminded her of the Master Card commercials...train tickets $$$, Broadway tickets $$$, lunch and dinner $$$...the look on Princess's face throughout the day...PRICELESS.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Princess and the Frog

Did you hear, Disney has finally decided to make an animated movie featuring an African American princess? Yes, African Americans are finally worthy enough to have a fairy tale told about them that includes a Black Princess! I was so excited when I heard the movie would be out in 2009. The movie is entitled The Princess and the Frog and is based on the fairy tale The Frog Princess and is supposed to take place in New Orleans during the 1920's.

I could just picture Princess and I going to see The Princess and the Frog on a special "Girls Day Out." I imagined seeing lots of other African American mothers and daughters at the theater along with other mother and daughter pairs on opening day. I thought about purchasing all of the movie inspired dolls, clothes, bedding, etc. for Princess. Let me tell you, I was geeked.

Here's a teaser trailer of the movie:

I am really excited about seeing the movie. Princess saw the trailer and asked when we could go see it. She said the princess was so beautiful and "she was brown!" Now, why does the lightning bug have to be missing all of those teeth? Come on Disney!

What are your thoughts?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sand Castles

I think I've figured out a new way to post YouTube videos in my postings. I promised to share about our trip to the beach awhile ago, but I'm just getting around to it. We had a WONDERFUL time!

I loved spending quality time with my mom, aunt, grandmother, great aunt, and cousin. I love that my children got to spend time with family on a relaxed and relaxing vacation. I'm glad that my children will have special memories to share about their summer trips to the beach with their grandmother and great grandmother. The women in my family have a strong bond, and this was a fun way to keep the bond strong.

As I predicted, I didn't have a relaxing trip where I lounged on my beach chair while reading in between taking naps. I chased little people up and down the beach, made sand castles, searched for buried treasure [we lost (and found) the Backyardigan molds Princess hid as treasure], jumped waves, and chased Juicy Boy around the cabana (he's into being chased!).

Princess had a great time of jumping waves and building a house for her doll. She also made sand cakes that Juicy Boy insisted on tasting:) He ate sand the moment he got there. He also seemed to dump sand on his head daily. Juicy Boy and Princess and I also played with the dump trucks and had fun building roadways. I wasn't chasing my children by myself. My mom, aunt, and cousin all pitched in to have beach fun! I was so grateful! We wore those children out! They slept most of the ride home.

My grandmother and her sister didn't come down to the beach. They sunned on their patio and looked at the ocean from there. We were fortunate to have a beach front hotel, so the view was always beautiful. They also relaxed inside their room and caught up on their beauty sleep. They enjoyed sitting out on the boardwalk in the evening watching the people go by.

Memories were made. Fun was had. Love was shared. This song entitled "Sand Castles" makes me want to hurry back...

May I Have this Dance?

As much as I like YouTube.com, it has been messing up my blog posts for the past couple days. I had some really good music lined up to go along with my posts, but they wouldn't show up. I'm a little bit frustrated, but I'm going to try again today. I hope it works.

Earlier this week the family was having it's evening dance session. It was even more fun because one of my goddaughter's joined us. Bear was showing our goddaughter that he still had moves:) Princess was shaking and shimmying while dancing with her daddy. Juicy Boy was working the happy feet while turning in circles. I was just letting my body do whatever it wanted to do. We were dancing to everything from reggaeton to hip hop to old school R&B classics. The energy level was high!

I stopped dancing for a moment to take a look at something on my desk when something out on my desk when Juicy Boy came over to me, took my hand, and walked me back over to where everyone was dancing. Once he got me there, he turned and started to bust a move!! My heart just melted and danced with my son...Awww, thank you God for my boy!!

Juicy Boy inspired me to pull up one of my favorite Rick James tunes - Dance Wit' Me to accompany this post. Enjoy and make sure that you "shake it up, shake it up now baby." Listen to Roy on the vibes!!